Volar’s 3rd anniversary party


Volar used the occasion of their 3rd anniversary on Thursday night to unveil a new room in the club. Formerly the circular VIP room, the space has been transformed into a cozy area with a new d.j. booth and greatly expanded seating… plus a Merry-Go-Round?

Arriving at the club before things got started I had a chance to walk around and study the changes. My first impression is that they did an excellent job reconfiguring the space. The previous room, though interesting for its circular shape, was the source of constant traffic jams during the early days of the club, and the seating, on benches and stools, was not the most comfortable. The new design is more sophisticated and features several banks of booths, two of which are on a raised platform.


The decor is subtle and contemporary. The feeling is warm, not overly slick, which is perfect to create a more intimate space within a club. There’s a long bar on one side of the room and three horses on poles from a Merry-Go-Round! It’s a cool touch, but perhaps it would be better if they were removable, to clear up more space for a dancefloor.


The club-side, as the main room is referred to, was filled with black and white balloons in keeping with the “pulp-noir” theme of the night.


Several walls of the club featured scenes from the past year of parties at Volar. Black and white images of various international d.j.s and party-goers hung above the elevated section of the club room.


As they walked in, guests were given black ties to put on top of whatever they were wearing. The crowd for the night was excellent, the former regulars that migrated to HALO after it opened last year were back. The music for the night was provided by a collection of the d.j.s who have played at Volar over the years. With the holiday cheer in the air, the excitement of the new room, and an open bar from 10-2, the guests were having a great time!

[photopress:Volar_packed_club_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Volar_Hong_anniversary.jpg,full,pp_image]

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