Happy Holidays from Hong Kong Hustle!

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Dear readers, thank you for all of your support over the past year! You might be wondering what’s happened to the look of the site. I assure you that this is a temporary change. Hong Kong Hustle is getting ready to launch a new interface in the new year (if I can figure out exactly how to make it work!) so please be patient. I will continue to update the site while working behind the scenes on the interface.

Thanks again for all of your emails and comments. I apologize that I simply don’t have enough time to respond to each and every one. It’s not because I don’t want to help, it’s because I’m often busy attending events, writing up posts and editing photos! I believe some of the new features of the site will help provide you with the additional information you’ve been requesting.

But what’s the significance of the shoes in the photo above?

Something I’ve seen in Hong Kong, but nowhere else in the world? Old people wearing street wear brands!


You think Run-D.M.C. is old-school? They ain’t got nothing on this guy! I’m walking down the street a few days ago and in front of me, an old man in his 80’s is wearing a cool new pair of Christmas-colored Adidas!

This is not an isolated incident. Over the years I’ve had tens of sightings like this one. They are often hard to document since you need to have a camera handy, and you must be willing to sneak a photograph of a stranger in a couple of seconds.

I always wonder what’s the story behind this choice of attire? Did someone buy it for them to be “trendy”? Did they buy a fake somewhere and are clueless about the brand? Do their children own a shop, or work for the company? Is their granddaughter a stylist?

I’m not alone in my appreciation of these incidents. Pavlos from CLOT documented a similar case several months back involving A Bathing Ape. (He even pulled off a photo in an elevator, now that’s some 007 type of stuff!) If I was a little more ambitious, I’d set up a special gallery where people could submit similar photos…

Looking forward to sharing more observations about life in Hong Kong with you in 2008! Wishing you all the very best during this holiday season.


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