The return of Dusty!



Long before CLOT and Silly Thing popped up on the international street wear radar, Hong Kong was already home to several urban brands. For those who don’t know, Dusty is a local clothing company with a long pedigree. These guys have been doing their thing way before most of Hong Kong caught on. I’m talking about nearly a decade of bringing cool brands to the city and doing collaborations with underground artists from all over the world.

Last week was the opening of Dusty’s new shop in Mongkok, just down the street from Langham Place shopping mall. Browsing the store during the opening I spotted cool shirts, jeans and even backpacks by Dusty. Over the years their line has grown tremendously.


Their new location, on the same block as Langham Place shopping mall, is an interesting choice.


Mongkok’s shopping area is traditionally more heavily concentrated on the Eastern side of Nathan Road. Once Langham Place opened, (in a former red-light district,) I anticipated that the landscape would change, and that shops would begin to the surround the mall. Slowly but surely this is starting to happen.

The ground floor location of the new Dusty shop is a departure from their previous second-floor stores behind Sogo in Causeway Bay, and on Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok. The advantages of a street-level location are many. Foremost is that it’s more accessible to the casual passerby than having to walk up a staircase. This is important since Hong Kong thrives on convenience.


Looking around the store, Dusty’s clothing and accessories are reasonably priced and offer strong value for the money. Since fashion is becoming more and more global, I try to make it a point to buy local designers. (Who wants to wear the same thing as people all over the world?)

Dusty is celebrating their new shop with the launch of several limited edition products. These include collaborations with other Hong Kong clothing companies such as M.C. Yan’s (NSBQ) and Sam Lee’s (SUBCREW).

Dusty store address:
Shop B, G/F Tak Cheong Commercial Building
215 Portland Street, Mongkok

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