Muji to Go?



Obviously I don’t leave town much, so it came as quite a surprise to discover a mini-Muji store in the departure hall of the Hong Kong International Airport recently. Muji, the Japanese retailer, is famous for their high-quality, minimalist goods. Their selections are wide, ranging from clothing and stationary, to household items and snacks. My first impression was to write it off as an over-aggressive expansion. What are they doing opening up a shop at the airport?

At first skeptical, I entered the store and began browsing the merchandise. After a few minutes I recognized Muji to Go as a natural fit! Selling inexpensive, but useful items like city-map handkerchiefs (for Hong Kong, New York, and Tokyo,) their selections were far more enticing than the other shops at the airport. A set of small wooden buildings modeled after Hong Kong’s well known skyscrapers also seemed like a cool and attractive gift. Muji to Go’s great variety of snacks should prove attractive to fliers faced with the banality of homogenized airline food. Basics such as shorts or other comfortable clothing in addition to containers for lotions and cosmetics could likewise help travelers optimize their trip.


Walking out, I was won over. In a smallish space they managed to deliver a wide variety of useful items at moderate prices. From what I saw, I expect Muji to Go to be a success, and if it is, you’re likely to see more branches inside the airport!

Muji to Go
Hong Kong International Airport
near Gate 61 inside the departure terminal
Lantau, Hong Kong



  • Was very impressed on my last stop over at HKG airport by Muji to Go. Great and inexpensive quality for elegant and simple products. Loved the Magnetic Photo Frame and Acrylic Photo Frame. When will Muji open a store in Sydney?

  • Very keen on exploring what they all have! Huge fan of their items, regular visitor to the London stores!

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