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It ain’t where you from, it’s where you at!

It used to be that great d.j.s only came from a small number of cities around the world. Likewise, you could only hear cool club music when you went out in a handful of metropolitan areas. The reason for this was because music distribution was limited by geographic location. If you weren’t based in a […]


Daniel Haaksman and D.J. Beware at P.A.E.!

Friday night I finally made it to a Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy event. The monthly party has been bringing interesting new d.j.s to Hong Kong for much of 2008. Despite wanting to attend for a long time, I’ve always had scheduling conflicts and haven’t been able to make it. Last Friday was the first time I […]


Alive Not Dead X Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy Xmas!

Wow! This is one Christmas party you shouldn’t miss! Alive Not Dead, the popular social network is teaming up with the Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy gang to bring Hong Kong a real trend-setter in international club music. Daniel Haaksman is responsible for bringing Brazil’s Baile Funk music out of the favela and onto world dance floors. […]