Two clubs that changed Hong Kong!



What do top clubs, Dragon-i and Volar have in common? As both celebrated birthdays earlier this month, Hong Kong Hustle began to think back about their contributions to the city’s nightlife scene.

Dragon-i held their seventh anniversary last weekend, hosting major dance music talents, Axwell and Ron Carroll. Volar celebrated on December third, bringing well known group Digitalism.

Through their musical direction and dedication over the years, the two clubs have transformed Hong Kong from a c-list city into a primary destination on the international nightclub circuit.

Dragon-i’s seventh anniversary!

Dragon-i has shown a knack for creativity recently. The invitation sent out to members this year was as extravagant as it was unique. Each potential guest received a box that included a large wooden die with Dragon-i’s logo and sevens printed on each side. Also packed inside was a small flashlight that beamed the event details onto any surface it was pointed at!

On their anniversary, the club itself was modified for the night’s affair. The ambiance began as guests entered the outdoor patio area. The space was converted into a cozy lounge enclosed by white fabric with special seats and tables fashioned for the occasion. Arriving at the club, guests could see large number sevens dangling from the ceiling.


The night kicked off with a traditional lion dance performance followed by a short speech by owner Gilbert Yeung. After the customary spraying of the crowd with champagne, the night got underway.


D.j. / singer / producer Ron Carroll’s early set was top notch. Though I didn’t recognize a single song (that’s a good thing!,) each of the tracks he played was strong and got the crowd moving.


Towards the middle of his set he began playing more well-known cuts, including a few of his own! The capacity crowd responded by dancing on every surface available, including on top of the seats!


The turnout at Dragon-i was made up of familiar faces including several generations of nightlife personalities and models. The diverse-as-it-was-massive crowd once again showed why Dragon-i defines high-end clubbing in Hong Kong.

Volar’s fifth anniversary!

[photopress:digitalism_dj_Volar_club_Hong.jpg,full,pp_image] note the T-shirts with the ‘V’ near the bottom left

Volar celebrated their fifth anniversary with a neon theme. As guests arrived they were given special t-shirts with LED lights in the shape of a ‘V’. When a small box attached to the shirt was activated, the ‘V’ on the shirt began to emit a series of flashing patterns! Very cool!

Digitalism, the headliners for the night were highly anticipated. Under the guidance of club co-founders and music fans, Benedict Ku, and his wife Jaime Ho Ku, Volar has brought a steady stream of new dance acts, particularly in the Electro realm. Digitalism personifies the musical direction that Volar has taken over the years as they span the space between new Rock and Electro.

On anniversary night, the attendees packed into the club to check out Digitalism. It was obvious by the crowd reaction that they were familiar with the music, throwing their hands in the air in unison.

[photopress:digitalism_hong_kong_china_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:digitalism_DJ_Hong_Kong_China.jpg,full,pp_image] Digitalism’s Jens “Jence” Moelle


Happy anniversary to Dragon-i and Volar – thanks for putting Hong Kong on the map and giving us access to the people who shape music around the world.



  • i agree, these 2 clubs are are the best spots for the overall ambiance and the quality of music, each one in its original genre

  • Definitely agree those clubs elevated the club scene. But it also ushered in a new age of snobbery in the LKF scene.

  • FYI LkF scene was actually originated as snobbery in the 80s with likes of DD2, California, 97, Soho, Graffiti ///etc so by no means is new age brotha

  • special occasions, check.
    all the other weekends, dipping into the lame barrel.
    people are noticeably convincing themselves that they are having a good time.

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