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Lily + Bloom, swank and sultry above LKF

LKF Tower, which houses the LKF Hotel as well as popular spots Tazmania Ballroom, Azure, and Finds, has two new attractions. The recent additions, Lily and Bloom, opened by the people behind Volar and Halo, occupy an interesting two-level space. Lily, on the sixth floor, is primarily a lounge, while Bloom on the fifth level […]


Painted faces? Weird shirts in the club? What gives?

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s World Cup fever again in Hong Kong. The city’s nightclubs offer no escape, in fact, many of them have chosen to cater to fans, instead of offering a respite. As many of the games air live at 2:30 am, top clubs such as Dragon-i, Volar, Roxie, and Tazmania Ballroom […]


Tazmania Ballroom – not your papa’s pool hall!

You won’t find any of the standard pool hall cliches at Tazmania Ballroom. In fact, on some nights, you might only see one pool table! With a specially designed system that allows them to lift away two of their three tables (and suspend them from the ceiling,) Tazmania Ballroom is anything but traditional! (more…)