Tazmania Ballroom – not your papa’s pool hall!



You won’t find any of the standard pool hall cliches at Tazmania Ballroom. In fact, on some nights, you might only see one pool table!

With a specially designed system that allows them to lift away two of their three tables (and suspend them from the ceiling,) Tazmania Ballroom is anything but traditional!

From the entrance alone, it’s apparent that this place is heavy on style. Climbing a dark staircase, you emerge into a glamorous, contemporary space that includes ample seating, an elevated booth, a billiards area, a long bar, and a good-sized outdoor balcony.

Though Tazmania Ballroom is referred to as a pool hall, it’s similar to Dragon-i in that it’s actually a smart, multi-functional space. Just as Dragon-i can transform from restaurant to club over the course of the night, Tazmania Ballroom can go from pool hall to club in a matter of minutes. In fact, with two of the pool tables suspended in the air, Tazmania Ballroom features one of the largest dancefloors in Central.

[photopress:Tazmania_ballroom_Hong_Kong_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] A view of two of the suspended pool tables from below

[photopress:tazmania_ballroom_hong_kong_club.jpg,full,pp_image] The massive crowd at the soft opening, standing below the pool tables

Attention to details
The team behind Dragon-i and Tazmania Ballroom have higher standards than other clubs around town. You never see pipes hanging or hastily spray painted corners. It’s this attention to details that makes their properties world-class.

Designed by a lighting designer who recently made the switch to interiors, there are indeed some extravagant touches.

[photopress:tazmania_ballroom_pool_hall_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] A unique light installation above the dance floor

One detail that caught my eye immediately were the multiple textured walls. Near the d.j. booth, the wall is covered in shapes that pop out into the room. The space’s high ceilings accentuate the effect. Other walls receive a similar treatment with different patterns, making the space all the more interesting.

The pool tables themselves are decadently wrapped in plated gold. This adds a certain glitz to the place that is enhanced by the warm lighting. Even the bottom of the tables are draped in gold.


Tazmania Ballroom – pool hall, club, or both?
Though there was lots of talk about competition in the pool hall space, Tazmania Ballroom comes across to me more as a club modifiable into a pool hall. On a slow night, without big crowds, the space can still be enjoyed due to having an activity.

With its large dancefloor, Tazmania Ballroom has the potential to become an important new player in Hong Kong’s nightlife scene. In the near future I can see the space becoming a new venue for visiting international d.j.s.

What does the addition of Tazmania Ballroom mean to Central’s other pool hall – Racks M.D.B.? Not much. The two nightspots have totally different vibes. Let’s just say I can’t see anyone playing ‘beer-pong’ on the gold tables! 😉

Tazmania Ballroom
1/F, LKF Tower, 33 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
Located in the same building as LKF Hotel. The entrance is on Wyndham Street, just down from the hotel entrance.


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