Finding the new Nike art gallery!


Nike has a new exhibition space named 26 Degrees opening on July 27th. The address is 5 U Lam Terrace in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels neighborhood, just above Soho. Previously, the same building was occupied by a restaurant named Pheonix, and years before that it was Viasge, a bar that catered to local artists. But finding the new gallery can be a little tricky.


Though it’s centrally located between Caine Road and Soho, U Lam Terrace is slightly hidden since it’s on a landing not accessible by car. The small street has always had a quaint, romantic feel due to this seclusion. (In this sense, it’s similar to Prince’s Terrace a few blocks away which is also home to several art galleries.)

Nike isn’t the first brand to open a devoted gallery space. Agnes B. had one on Elgin Street for several years, and other brands continue to sponsor exhibits at venues such as The Fringe Club near Lan Kwai Fong.

The opening exhibition will be held on Friday, July 27th at 7:00 pm and features new works by the artist / Nike designer, Stephen Holding. Hong Kong Hustle readers may remember Stephen Holding’s name from a previous exhibition at the Six Keyz gallery not too long ago. You can check out pictures from that exhibition, and read about it here.

Titled, “Improvement In Progress”, the new works are done under his pseudonym Metalwing. The show will include a mixture of paintings, drawings, and photos.

Because the gallery is located in a building between two streets, you can’t actually take a taxi directly there. You need to either walk up from Bridges Street, (just past Centre Stage and Select 18,) or you can walk down from Caine Road and Ladder Street.

To go via Caine Road:
The gallery is about four blocks from the escalator and Caine Road. Walking on the right hand side, towards Sheung Wan, first you pass Wellcome on the corner of Aberdeen Street, and next go past ParkNShop. Soon you will come to the end of the shops and see a sign that points to the Museum of Medical Sciences. There will be a kiosk with multiple signs for neighborhood attractions.


Take a right and proceed down the staircase. This stairway is actually Ladder Street.


Simply walk down the stairs, and take a left on the flat landing when you see this view.


26 Degrees is located in the center of the block, just past the newer looking high-rise building.

To go via Soho:
From the escalator, take Staunton Street through Soho towards Sheung Wan. As Staunton intersects Aberdeen Street it turns into Bridges Street. Walk past the shop Select 18 and the back of the Centre Stage complex. At the end of Bridges Street (you should be in front of the old brick YMCA building,) take a left and climb upwards towards Caine Road. You will soon reach U Lam Terrace. Walk to the middle of the block and you’ll be in front of the venue.

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