Most Wanted, the Racks calendar launch!

[photopress:Anna_Lisa_Larissa.jpg,full,pp_image] (Ana R., Lisa S., and Larissa strike a pose)

Hong Kong’s charity circuit has never seen anything quite like the launch of Most Wanted, the Racks calendar to benefit breast cancer. Top models, Lisa S., Ana R., Rosemary, Liz, Lucy, and several others, collaborated with the city’s newest hotspot to create a sexy, yet sophisticated calendar for a worthy cause. Priced at $200 HKD, the Most Wanted calendar is available at Racks MDB as well as the entertainment chain HMV, who was a sponsor.

The event began at eight, and the place filled up quickly. Guests who purchased a calendar were entitled to an open bar. That should have been the first indication that things were about to get a little crazy.

The event started off normal. As is usual for Hong Kong events, celebrity guests who arrived posed before a large board and signed their names. In the photo below, Sue, a Korean model poses in front of the sign-board.


The capacity crowd consisted of Racks regulars: a mixture of international Chinese, affluent locals, models, celebrities, and a smattering of expats. In addition, H.K.’s nightlife crowd came out in full force. Racks partners mingled with their friends at the far end of the room in what was set up as a VIP area.


At the beginning of the night the pool tables were covered with clear plastic protectors allowing attendees a place to put their drinks. This was wise since after about an hour, every corner of the place was full! The balls and cue were arranged in something of a billiards still-life beneath the covers.


How packed was it? Here’s a comparison!

[photopress:Racks_pool_tables.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Racks_mdb_crowd.jpg,full,pp_image]

Beer bongs for breast cancer?


Here’s where things started to get crazy! But first, a little history… A few years ago, during a trip to the U.S., I purchased a bright red beer bong near my old university. For a subsequent birthday, I decided to have a keg-party theme (something unknown in H.K.!) and I introduced the funnel to my friends. It was a huge hit! That beer bong was unfortunately lost during one of the best party’s I’ve ever been to, the CLOT anniversary party in the H.K. Exhibition Centre in Wanchai. (something involving champagne).

Undaunted by the loss, I fashioned a new one from parts found at a local hardware store and the legend has continued. When Racks opened, I decided it would make a good permanent home for the beer bong. On several occasions I’ve arrived at Racks to see it in action.

Thursday night was a case in point. I turned around to see my creation being fully utilized. D.J. Yeodie (aka Gordon,) and Racks partner Damon were the first (of many!) to indulge.

Good fun for a great cause!

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