Ophelia opens! Ashley Sutton’s Hong Kong debut

ophelia hong kong address 39 lee tung avenue wanchai ashley sutton hk

Ophelia, a lavish new nightspot is the first project by interior design phenomenon Ashley Sutton in Hong Kong. With a vibe that’s part opium den, and part speakeasy, guests are transported into a peacock-themed fantasy-land.

The multi-roomed club is located in a brand new pedestrian street in the middle of Wanchai. A short walk from the MTR station, it sits on the first floor of a new building on the former site of “Wedding Card Street,” Lee Tung Avenue.

As you walk out of the elevator, you take a left into a dimly lit hallway, past hanging bird cages and portraits of a prized peacock.

ophelia hong kong ashley sutton design hk bar

After entering the reception area, you proceed through a larger room, then turn left into the main bar room. Hanging tassels segment each of the rooms and add a degree of mystery as you go from place to place.

ophelia hong kong 39 lee tung avenue hk address

The space also has a largish semi-outdoor area, but it is so heavily decorated that it’s difficult to discern that you’re outside.

Performers are scattered throughout the venue adding to the scenery. Some perform by interacting with the room, others simply lounge behind the bar in poses lifted from a 1920’s cigarette ad (see image at top!) The outdoor space features performers doing acrobatics inside of a large bird cage.

ophelia club hong kong hk bar design

One of the first things you notice entering the space is the massive amount of design work. Ophelia is not a halfhearted attempt, but a fully immersive peacock-themed space.

ash sutton interior designer asia

Have a look at our exclusive video below for a better idea of the Ophelia experience. Just CLICK on the peacock girl to PLAY. (When done, click on the image to stop)

There are barely any surfaces that are not covered in peacock inspired design. Even the windows have grills featuring geometric patterns from the colorful bird.

ashley sutton design hong kong hk bar club

In fact, the space is so ornate, that it’s hard to imagine hanging out here every night. Perhaps this is because the theme is so strong, that one would only feel compelled to visit for that specific experience, and not as an everyday venue.

Hong Kong has had its share of contemporary oriental design in the past, but nothing as fully explored as this. At its opening, Dragon-i managed to feature oriental elements in a tasteful, contemporary way. (It was so successful that people would actually steal the custom coasters, and other knick-knacks from the club!)

The old Dragon-i had sophisticated elements, such as a massive oversized bird cage that succeeded in being eye-catching and modern. (The club has subsequently been renovated multiple times, and looks very different from its initial design.)

During the early years of that club, it was common to see people who would visit several nights in a row, or spend an entire afternoon just hanging out on the terrace. For some reason it’s hard to imagine the same type of comfort at Ophelia.

The vibe of the space is more retro than contemporary, despite the fact that there are many fine modern touches. Perhaps the peacock design is something that we associate with an earlier time period (like Art Deco)?

ophelia bar hong kong club hk

Drinks at Ophelia echo the theme of the space. One of the signature drinks, a tasty tequila-based cocktail called the ‘Cheongasm,’ arrives in a bird cage.

cheongasm ophelia drink hong kong

Ophelia offers imaginative interiors and impressive details that provide a unique themed experience unlike anything else in the city. It’s easy to see this being a place to take out of town guests or a stop on a fun first date. With a strong debut, we’re excited to see what comes next from Ashley Sutton’s two additional projects in Hong Kong.

ashley sutton peacock design hong kong ophelia

Ophelia Hong Kong

1/F, 39A Lee Tung Avenue (It’s a pedestrian street near Johnston Road)
The Avenue
Wanchai, Hong Kong

(near the main MTR exit, A3)

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