Embassy art gallery opens!


As anticipated, the debut exhibition at the new Embassy art space in Chai Wan drew a major crowd. Arriving at Embassy, I was surprised to discover that more than half of the space is actually an outdoor patio.

The opening party contained all of the necessary elements for success: from
great snacks and free drinks, to a girl with an albino snake!


The artwork was displayed both inside and out.

[photopress:Embassy_Art_gallery_Hong_K.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Embassy_art_space_Chai_Wan.jpg,full,pp_image]

The exhibition contained multiple mediums including drawings, paintings, clothing, photography, an installation box, vinyl toy figures, a skateboard-culture video and even a graffiti piece out on the patio.


The graffiti wall was a standout since it contained an image of a famous Hong Kong actress named “Fei Fei,” who recently passed away. The woman had been a fixture of the Hong Kong entertainment industry for decades.


The piece was reminiscent of the memorial walls that graffiti artists create for deceased friends or relatives. The woman’s portrait was well executed in spray paint.

The party quickly got packed, with guests mingling out on the outdoor area for much of the night. In addition to the normal art crowd, photographers, who have studios in the building, were also in full attendance.

For more information on The Embassy, check out their website.

The Embassy
3rd floor, Unit 309, Chai Wan Industrial City, Phase 2
70 Wing Tai Road
Chai Wan, Hong Kong

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  • Love to see creative industry begins to bloom in HKG.
    It was such a hard career to pursue before with little support from the government.

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