Graffiti exhibit at Dragon-i, Thursday!


The group exhibition, titled Pick It Up, promises a “graffiti experience,” and will present the work of several legendary N.Y. writers, as well as a few amateur French graffiti artists. Organized by Chokoli Strawberry, the opening starts at 7pm, this Thursday, November 11th, at Dragon-i.

Artists with work in the show include pioneers such as T Kid, Cope 2, and Sonic, along with CEET, Kongo, Soone, Colorz and Lazoo.


Pick It Up graffiti art show
7pm, Thursday, November 11th, 2010
Upper ground floor
The Centrium
60 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong


  • I believe it was for one night and there were only a handful of works. The exhibit was mostly French graffiti artists with a few canvases by old-school N.Y. guys. It wasn’t a major exhibition.

  • For the one who miss it the exhibition is at Damina Gallery until January 8th 2011

    Damina Gallery
    65 Peel Street, 2/F Soho, Central
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
    T: +852 2549 7711

    Exhibition duration: 15th Dec 2010 – 8th Jan 2011

    See you for our next art event soon

    Chokoli Strawberry Team

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