Nike Tech Pack collection!


Nike held a small event on Friday to showcase the new Nike Tech Pack collection. The venue was their new gallery / meeting space on U Lam Terrace, known as 26 Degrees. The party featured a photography exhibition by Rensis Ho, who shot fifteen individuals wearing Tech Pack gear. (Eleven out of the fifteen are friends of mine!)


The 26 Degrees gallery is set on a large, unique terrace just above the Soho neighborhood. The party spilled out onto the terrace with most of the guests mingling about outside. Along the walls of the deep venue, the portraits of the fifteen subjects hung. A rack filled with Tech Pack clothes subtly showcased the collection on the upstairs landing.


Music for the night was provided by D.J. Daryll Griggs, who was also photographed in the exhibition.


The turnout for the night was strong, considering it was an early, invitation-only event.


Daryll Griggs while a photograph of his image is projected above.


Designer Sean Tucker from Nike was also photographed for the exhibition.



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