What do million dollar speakers look like?


I guess it’s more important what they sound like! KEF, a high-end British audio manufacturer held an event last Thursday to introduce Muon, a limited edition set of speakers made out of “super-formed” aluminum. The six-foot tall, curved metallic monoliths were created by the famed Ross Lovegrove, who is part student of nature, part industrial designer.

Hong Kong is home to a sizable number of affluent audiophiles and technology worshipers – which makes it the perfect place to hold a Muon launch event.


The strikingly shaped aluminum totems reflect cutting-edge design techniques only recently possible due to computer-aided engineering. The designer, Ross Lovegrove, is known for integrating organic forms and patterns into contemporary objects. He’s worked with a large number of notable clients ranging from fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Hermes, to consumer giants such as Sony and Apple Computer.

The Muon speakers are limited to one-hundred pairs and retail for over one million Hong Kong dollars. Check out more photos and a video of Ross Lovegrove introducing his concept here.

Earlier in the week Ross Lovegrove was spotted hanging out playing pool at Racks MDB wearing an all blue outfit. In contrast to some top designers, he was down to earth and happy to talk to locals about his take on design.

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