Hysteric Glamour Party

Gettin’ ill on the dancefloor

Last night I checked out the 20th anniversary of the Hysteric-mini event put on by the Japanese brand Hysteric Glamour. The event coincided with the opening of an exhibition at the Visual Arts Centre that traveled from Tokyo, featuring works from artists who have collaborated with Hysteric Glamour over the years. It’s an impressive mix of artists including Stash, Kostas, Pushead, Frank Kozik, Will Sweeney, and many more.

The venue for the party was Volar and it featured a group of Hip Hop dancers. It seems like nearly every event has dancers. Sometimes, it’s a little too much. The quality of the dancers and choreography ranges widely. This time however, the dancers were excellent, and definitely added to the event. There were two performances during the night, one in the main room, and another in the lounge side. Although they were working with limited space, the dancers were doing elaborate moves and worked well together. This performance was one of the best I’ve seen in Hong Kong.

Many of the artists with work in the show were at the event. I bumped into Stash who I met during the Sneaker Pimps exhibition in Shanghai. On my way out I received a cool Hysteric Glamour gift – a special bandana with a skull design on it!

Shakin’ it!

Gettin’ down

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