Hong Kong’s Christmas lights – a key economic indicator?

christmas lights hong kong xmas tst east

christmas lights hong kong xmas tst east

Several people have told me that you can judge the current state of Hong Kong’s economy by the vibrancy of the yearly Christmas displays. Entire sections of the city are draped with multiple-story lights in celebration of Christmas and Chinese New Year.

From the look of things, the year was a prosperous one. Follow the link to check out the scenery in Kowloon’s Tsim Sha Tsui East neighborhood.

Some of the more ambitious buildings have different lights for each holiday. Christmas light iconography is similar to displays in the U.S., except stretched over Hong Kong’s high-rise landscape. Typical Chinese New Year lights show the animal that corresponds to the incoming zodiac – for example, this year would be a pig. Some buildings combine the two holidays into one display.