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View of West Kowloon from The Peak

A few nights ago I went for dinner on The Peak and ended up going for a walk and taking a few photos. It was the clearest day in a long time, so I couldn’t help myself – even though I have around a hundred photos from here already. The view never gets old.

The search lights in the above photo, shooting up from the building across the water must be a property company looking to generate interest in a new development. Hong Kong is under constant construction.

The government is beginning to develop a section of reclaimed land called West Kowloon. It’s on the Western side of Tsim Sha Tsui. (It’s the right side middle of the photo above.) I’ve seen some of the models and it’s going to be VERY impressive. H.K. has a number of large waterfront projects going on right now that are really going to up the quality of life in the city. The harbor front walks are already enjoyable, but they’re being expanded tremendously. I hope they stay away from the gimicky crap like ‘Avenue of the Stars’ that they created in T.S.T. though.

View of The Center and IFC2

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