Hong Kong’s, um, recycling bins, receive a new name

litter cum recyclables bin hong kong hk recycling rubbish

litter cum recyclables collection bin hong kong hk garbage

After years of head-scratching, sly remarks, and outright guffaws, Hong Kong’s provocatively Latin-named litter recycling bins have been given a new moniker. Patches of green tape have been placed over the offending three-letter word that made them somewhat scandalous.

You wouldn’t need to have graduated magna cum-laude to realize that there was something a little bit off with the previous name. Because this is a family blog, we can’t print the exact title here.

litter recycling bins rubbish hong kong hk recycle

Needless to say it was of dubious Latin origin, and provoked similar double-takes, laughs, and outrage as the 80’s clip-art that once decorated the Mid-Levels escalator.

Surely, some with a snarky sense of humor, and those who relish Hong Kong’s fast disappearing WTF moments, will miss the previous name.

Although not known for recycling, Hong Kong does have a few innovative programs. For example, the old clothing collection bins are much more progressive. You can read our previous post about these special multi-collection depositories in “Clothing recycling made fun!”

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