Typhoon season!

Here it comes again… that time of the year when it rains like crazy. It’s a good chance to catch up on movies, practice pool, update your blog, or go bowling! It’s a bad time of the year to plan boat trips.

Hong Kong is said to have several different typhoon seasons, but the majority fall between May and November. Everyone who has a normal job secretly prays for a typhoon to pass through the city every now and then. It’s like getting a day off due to a blizzard – it rarely happens, but when it does it’s fun!

Hong Kong has a detailed ranking of the typhoon threats, with a typhoon 10 being the highest. The signal that people care about most is a number 8, which means that offices will close, and staff will be allowed to leave work. People obsessively visit the Hong Kong Observatory website when a typhoon may be approaching.

Remember the scene of Faye Wong riding Hong Kong’s escalator system in Wong Kar Wai’s Chung King Express? Check out a video of how it holds up in the rain!

(Just don’t compare my cinematography to Christopher Doyle’s!)

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