Jimmy Choo and the magic potion?

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Last Thursday night, Jimmy Choo held a unique event that allowed guests to try their hand at mixology. Under the guidance of a professional, attendees took turns preparing a special signature drink, ‘His Royal Flush,’ created exclusively for Jimmy Choo men’s collection.

The event, which was focused around the hands-on workshop, was much more interactive and memorable than your typical in-store gathering.

Taking place at Lily, which is known for their premium, hand-crafted cocktails, guests watched as the master mixologist went through the ingredients and steps necessary to make the exotic drink. ‘His Royal Flush’, which has several secret ingredients, was complex and tasty!

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Attendees took turns going through the process as the creator walked them through the measurements and techniques. If you’ve ever wondered how artisanal drinks were made, there is certainly an art to it that closely resembles mixing compounds in chemistry class.

Even the simple shaking of the drink is done in a special way – softly at first, and then with a violent finish.

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Ingredients were carefully measured using everything from dashes to eye droppers, and the drink was topped off with a mist made from flavor-imbued dry ice!

The event took place in a room that resembled an old gentlemen’s club. Shoes from Jimmy Choo’s mens collection were placed as a back-drop, as well as positioned in areas throughout the space. On display were styles that ranged from the exotic to the casual, all with an elegant touch.

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The soft-sell approach, which highlighted the brand in a subtle way, was a hit with the sophisticated crowd of professionals who attended. The fun, interactive workshop was a smart way to stand out with a fashionable audience who frequently attends events.

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Jimmy Choo men’s collection is available at two Jimmy Choo stores in Hong Kong:

Jimmy Choo – IFC Mall

Shop 2056, IFC Mall
8 Finance Street (Above the Hong Kong Airport Express station)
Central, Hong Kong

Jimmy Choo – Elements Mall

Shop 2040, Elements Mall
1 Austin Road West (Above the Kowloon Airport Express station)
West Kowloon, Kowloon

‘His Royal Flush’ is available for a limited time at Lily.

jimmy choo his royal flush cocktail lily hong kong


6/F, LKF Tower
33 Wyndham Street
Use the LKF Hotel entrance (just above Lan Kwai Fong)
Central, Hong Kong

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