July First fireworks!!!


Hong Kong’s buildings provide a dramatic backdrop to almost anything. Christmas lights, boats, clouds, and sunsets all take on a new significance against the city’s skyline, but fireworks in particular look amazing.

The July first holiday marks the return of Hong Kong back to China in 1997. Commonly referred to as the handover, this year was the tenth anniversary.

For a change of vantage point, I decided to check out the view from Bowen Road on Hong Kong Island. I usually go to The Peak, for a full view of the harbor, but this year, I figured I’d try something new.


Although the view was adequate, it wasn’t as stunning as seeing the fireworks against Hong Kong Island’s major skyscrapers. For the best view, next year I’ll try looking from Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon-side, across the harbor towards Hong Kong Island.

Have a quick look at the climax of the fireworks in the video below!

Hong Kong July 1 Fireworks Handover by hongkonghustle

On my walk back towards Central I passed through one of my favorite spots – Hong Kong’s botanical gardens. The fountain is always elegantly lit and reminds me that I’m close to home.


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  • hello hello!!! wish i had stumbled upon ur site before gng to hk! ah… hk leaves much for me to explore still, and i’m hoping to be back :> watching the fireworks over the internet made me feel so homesick– as if hk’s my 2nd home now haha…

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