Typhoon Usagi shuts down Causeway Bay!

typhoon usagi hong kong hk causeway bay
Neatly taped windows were a popular sight around Causeway Bay
typhoon usagi hong kong hk causeway bay
Neatly taped windows were a popular sight around Causeway Bay

With typhoon Usagi on the way, by 10:30 pm on Sunday night, nearly every store in Causeway Bay was closed.

Hong Kong’s thriving shopping, dining, and entertainment neighborhood ground to halt as what the media are calling “the most powerful storm of 2013” was due to arrive. Walking around what are typically the district’s most high-traffic spots, from SOGO department store on Hennessy Road, to Times Square Shopping Mall on Matheson Street, the area was a ghost town.

In fact, Causeway Bay’s major crossing point, the intersection just in front of SOGO department store, was nearly empty.

typhoon usagi 2013 hong kong storm hk
The area’s most crowded pedestrian intersection at 10:30 pm

Even the city’s newest shops shut early with their doors sandbagged. The Apple Store at Hysan place, normally buzzing with activity, (especially right after a new iPhone launch,) was locked up.

apple store hong kong causeway bay hk typhoon usagi
Causeway Bay’s Apple Store taped the front doors and added sandbags

Stores take precautions

causeway bay shopping usagi typhoon hong kong hk
The neighborhood’s luxury retailers were careful to safeguard their shops

As typhoon Usagi is predicted to be extremely powerful, stores around the area were taking measures to help minimize potential damage.

Forever 21, which is open daily until one am, was completely shut, with all the front windows taped up. Din Tai Fung, the popular restaurant around the block also had their windows taped.

The area’s many 7-11 stores, which are typically open 24 hrs, were still doing business, some with sandbags in place.

Even Paterson Street, another busy corner of the neighborhood usually teaming with people, was deserted.

Still several hours before the culmination of the storm, with just a light rain and little wind, downed umbrellas were already turning up.

usagi typhoon hk causeway bay SOGO department store
A discarded umbrella next to SOGO department store, Causeway Bay

The city’s bamboo scaffolding, ever-present during Hong Kong’s endless renovation, may soon be put to the test.

bamboo scaffolding typhoon hong kong hk china
Bamboo scaffolding on Lockhart Road

Here’s a quick video of what Causeway Bay looked like during typhoon Usagi!

For previous storm reports, have a look at our post on Typhoon Megi, particularly the video at the end from a bad storm in 2009 that we shot in Lan Kwai Fong! Similarly, we also covered a typhoon weekend in 2008 that has some great photos!

Stay safe!

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