New Year Market and Fair, Causeway Bay

Entrance to the New Year Fair and Flower Market

Small orange trees on sale

Every year there is a huge fair and flower market set up in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay. It features hundreds of vendors in rows and rows of stands. The more traditional offerings are flowers – several of which symbolize luck for different things. The more modern offerings seem to be inflatable plastic toys of all manner and size. Most of these were on sale for around $10 HKD which is a little under $1.50 USD. Another element is the fact that Chinese New Year is tied to the zodiac which consists of different animals (the year you are born corresponds to one of these animals.) This year is Year of the Dog, so there was much dog-related merchandise on display.

Bundles of flower trees

Tons of inflatables!

Hawkers selling inflatable animal staffs?

Flying fish amidst the throngs

The fair which covers around a quarter of a mile was completely packed!

Crowd shot of the New Year Fair, CWB

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