FLASHBACK PHOTOS! H.K. Film Awards 1998!

diana pang dan actress hk hong kong film awards

As the city celebrated the Hong Kong Film Awards last week, we dug into our archive and found photos from our very first time attending back in 1998!

Who were the stars back then and what did they look like? Have a look!

anita mui yim fong hk hong kong singer actress interview
Anita Mui looking glamorous!

anita mui yim fong movie actress hk singer

andy lau tak wah hk movie star actor film awards
Andy Lau, a mainstay of the Hong Kong Film Awards
jordan chan siu chun hk hong kong actor film movie
Jordan Chan looking ‘Young & Dangerous’

jordan chan young and dangerous chicken actor hk movie

eric tsang chi wai hk movie actor hong kong
Eric Tsang, another Hong Kong Film Awards regular
gigi leung singer actress hk hong kong
Gigi Leung looked stunning!

gigi leung hk hong kong chinese singer actress movie

Lau Ching Wan sean amy kwok oi ming
Lau Ching Wan with his wife Amy Kwok Oi-Ming
diana pang dan actress hong kong hk cat III
Diana Pang Dan made a splash with her temporary tattoos!
diana pang dan photo tattoo movie actress hk
Tattoo closeup!
Christopher Doyle cinematographer hk hong kong film nansun shi
Cinematographer Christopher Doyle, who you used to bump into drinking around Soho! (Not anymore!)
tsui hark film director hong kong movie nansun shi
Film director Tsui Hark with his wife, the producer Nansun Shi
tony leung chi wai hk actor hong kong film award movie
Tony Leung Chi Wai, who looks pretty much the same as he did 15 years ago!
leslie cheung hk actor singer hong kong movie
The handsome Leslie Cheung, one of the few celebrities who really gave off a superstar aura! (Him and Chow Yun Fat!)
carina lau ka ling leslie cheung hong kong hk movie film star
Carina Lau and Leslie Cheung
sam lee chan sum actor hong kong film movie hk
Sam Lee, who won best new performer for Fruit Chan’s “Made in Hong Kong”
bat leung kam bart leong gum baat hk movie actor
And of course, saving the best for last, Bat Leung Kam!

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