Retro soundtracks! Remember when H.K. movies had great music?

hk movie soundtrack hong kong ost theme song
The soundtrack to the Hui Brother's film 'The Private Eyes' from 1976
hk movie soundtrack hong kong ost theme song
The soundtrack to the Hui Brother’s 1976 classic ‘The Private Eyes’

For decades, Hong Kong movies captivated audiences around the world with a magical combination of action, romance and comedy all rolled into one. But another important trait they often shared were amazing soundtracks!

Browsing the selections on YouTube, here are a few of our favorites!

Ching Siu-tung’s – A Chinese Ghost Story (song by Sally Yeh)

John Woo’s – The Killer (song by Sally Yeh)

Johnnie To’s – The Heroic Trio – (song by Anita Mui)

Tsui Hark’s – Green Snake

Johnnie To’s – The Mission

Sam Hui’s – The Private Eyes

Stephen Chow’s – Kung Fu Hustle
had great music all around!

Bruce Lee’s films had all sorts of interesting music. The soundtracks typically included musical elements that were inspired by Westerns and Blaxploitation movies. Check out how a song from his film The Big Boss was sampled by Hip Hop group Dilated Peoples.

The original song from The Big Boss

Dilated Peoples – Work the Angles

Bruce Lee even had soundtrack music composed by Lalo Schifrin (the same guy who composed the Mission Impossible theme!)

Bruce Lee’s – Enter The Dragon (by Lalo Schifrin)

jumping ash original soundtrack hk hong kong movie
Original soundtrack album from the H.K. movie ‘Jumping Ash’

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