Hidden field above Happy Valley?

green lane service reservoir sitting out area track happy valley hk
Approaching the track and field from the Stubbs Road entrance

Grass is so rare in Hong Kong that when you stumble across a patch in the city it’s sort of like finding an oasis in the middle of the desert. The Green Lane sitting out area is a place that few people use or know about.

A little hard to get to, and slightly hidden, it’s a good-sized field surrounded by a running track – the perfect place for a private run, or for kids to play on.

The area has two entrances – one from Green Lane, which is just off the top of Blue Pool Road in Happy Valley. The second is a small doorway in a fence with a staircase that leads down from the triple intersection of Tai Hang Road with Blue Pool Road, not far from Stubbs Road.

It doesn’t look like much, but after a few short staircases you’ll soon arrive at what they call the rather wordy “Green Lane Service Reservoir Sitting Out Area.” Someone actually made a video of where the second entrance is!

Similar to most beaches and parks in Hong Kong, there’s a long list of (perfectly normal) things that you can’t do, such as no bike riding, roller skating, etc.

grass green spot hk hong kong happy valley
The long list of don’ts

The Green Lane Sitting Out Area has a newly surfaced track that provides a great place to run. Perched at the top of Happy Valley, the track and field have a scenic view.

Kids will enjoy the open space as it’s well maintained and fun to play on. (Although a friend indicated that they recently put fertilizer on the grass.)

grass field hong kong park green lane happy valley hk
A young law-breaker!

The sign indicates that the Green Lane Sitting Out Area isn’t open late. The hours are generally from 7am to 6pm (or 6:45pm May through August.)

Green Lane Service Reservoir Sitting-Out Area
Green Lane (take Blue Pool Road and turn onto Green Lane, then follow to the very end)
Happy Valley, Hong Kong

happy valley view hong kong hk park
Looking down at the Green Lane field from high above Tai Hang Road
green lane park happy valley grass field track running
A track with a view!

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