2NE1 live in concert at Adidas Unite All Originals!

2NE1 concert hong kong adidas party hk live
2NE1 literally rocked Hong Kong!
2NE1 concert hong kong adidas party hk live
2NE1 literally rocked Hong Kong!

K-Pop supergroup 2NE1, Cantopop superstar Eason Chan, and Hong Kong musician Jun Kung headlined a massive Adidas Unite All Originals party at KITEC hall on Monday night. At one point, the entire floor shook as 2NE1 encouraged their fans to dance along!

The several thousand strong audience cheered throughout the night as they were treated to multiple performances including a fashion show, beatboxer, dancers, roller-bladers, and several DJs, in addition to the main acts.

The huge concert hall was packed with people snacking and checking out a special 3D printing exhibition featuring local celebrities.

2NE1 concert hk adidas originals hong kong china
Booths gave out ice cream, pop corn, and cotton candy!

A larger-than-life stage with multiple viewing angles provided the huge crowd excellent views no matter where they were positioned.

adidas unite all originals hong kong china hk
There were massive screens that let people get closeup views of the action

The scale of the production screamed big budget, from the choice of venue, to the headlining acts, to the enormous banners that hung throughout the hall.

2ne1 concert hk hong kong adidas
The entire venue was transformed into an Adidas themed space

Rather than an influencer event, this was a full-on consumer facing bash, with top quality entertainment.

2ne1 k-pop blackjack hong kong hk
2NE1 driving the crowd crazy!

K-Pop supergoup 2NE1 were the highlight of the night, bringing the most energy to the room. From the moment they jumped on stage, the entire place was rocking. Several times the floor started to shake as their fans jumped along to certain parts of their songs.

The singers were excellent at interacting with the crowd and constantly moved around the stage to let everyone feel connected. The group members gave off different personalities which made the performance more endearing to the audience.

2ne1 minzy fans hong kong
Minzy fans arrived early to secure their place in the front row!

Check out our exclusive video of 2NE1 performing!

Hong Kong superstar Eason came out directly following 2NE1. He performed two songs, an energetic uptempo one with a big dance routine, and a slow song.

eason chan hong kong cantopop singer hk
Eason had the difficult task of following 2NE1!

Between the top notch acts and the fun environment that Adidas created in the hall, it would be hard to find anyone who went away unsatisfied.

adidas unite all originals hong kong china hk

adidas sneaker hong kong hk china
“My Adidas!”

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