Yumla – a place for music

The outside of Yumla during the day

I was taking the shortcut between the Soho neighborhood and Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong’s most famous nightlife area, when I passed by Yumla. Yumla is one of the few clubs in H.K. that puts music first. They feature d.j.s that play less commercial music and focus on new types of dance music and digital artists. Yumla, for example, is one of the few places you can hear Drum N Bass music. It’s a small club / pub that gets completely packed. The crowd is a mixture of music fans, art scene locals, foreigners, and alternative celebrities. With a good d.j., Yumla rocks til 5am on the weekends.

One cool aspect of Yumla is that every few months their exterior wall is re-painted by different local artists. They have repainted about 6 times already – each with a totally diffent style. The image above is the latest change.

3!..2!...1! Yumla on New Year’s Eve

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  • This wee club is excellent. As the author says, good alternative music, breaks, drum ‘n’ bass, techno, house… depends on the night. Come with an open mind and you shouldn’t be disappointed…

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