Bob Sinclair in Hong Kong… and I missed it!

To some extent, going to hear a big name d.j. is like the new Rock concert. Hong Kong’s clubs have been eager to embrace this. There are several reasons why. From the promoters side, it’s easier to book a single d.j. then to fly in a several member band who need to bring all their instruments, etc. Also, rather than have to pay five people, you just need to satisfy one. The demands are less, the costs are less, and your choice of venue is far more flexible.

Last Friday night, Bob Sinclair, the man behind the biggest club hit of recent memory – “Love Generation,” came to Dragon-i. Unfortunately, I was stuck somewhere else, and didn’t make it over until around 3:30 am.

By the time I got there, Bob Sinclair had finished his set. The place looked like it had been through a busy night. Apparently, there had been well over 1500 people there. Dragon-i would normally be crowded with 500 people! The cover charge for the night was $250 (around $30 USD). Table reservations went for $5000, yet the place was so busy that they ran out of every glass except for wine glasses!

I still haven’t heard a reliable rundown on Bob Sinclair’s set because most of the regulars felt over-crowded that night, and left early.

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