open sesame hong kong hk music festival

Open Sesame music festival & a changing H.K. nightlife

The Open Sesame music festival, which takes place on August 15th and 16th, is a good example of just how much Hong Kong has recently changed. The city has gone from only one annual outdoor music festival – Clockenflap, to outdoor events of different sizes happening seemingly every week.

Aura Club and M-88

[photopress:M_88_Wellington_Street_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] Last night I stopped by the soft opening of Aura, a new club located on the sixth floor of M-88 at 2-8 Wellington…

Funky drummer Luisito Quintero at Dragon-i!

Saturday night at Dragon-i featured a stage crowded with drums for Luisito Quintero, the man behind many of Louie Vega’s incredible beats. [photopress:Luisito_Quintero_Dragon_i.jpg,full,pp_image] Luisito…

D.J. Missill strikes Volar!

Volar continued its procession of international music talent last Thursday with the return of the charismatic d.j. Missill. DJ Missill rocking Hong Kong club…

D.J.s and Divas at club Dragon-i!

[photopress:UltraNate_Dragoni.jpg,full,pp_image] Dragon-i, Hong Kong’s top venue for international d.j.s has been in overdrive recently with a constant stream of big musical acts. In addition…

fiddler violin improvisation with dj volar hong kong hk

Fiddler on the ?

All of a sudden I noticed some sort of commotion near the stage. A guy jumped up and there was a brief discussion with the d.j. The next thing I heard was the shrill sound of an instrument being tuned.

Nike hong kong hk dancer

Nike 25 Years of Air Force 1 Celebration

Star Ferry is Hong Kong’s answer to the Staten Island Ferry in New York – you get an amazing view of the city and it’s the cheapest deal in town. Star Ferry recently relocated for the first time in fifty years, to pier 7 of the outlaying island ferry piers.

halo hong kong hk bar lounge face recognition

Face recognition at HALO – H.K.’s newest bouncer?

Imagine walking up to the newest hot-spot and instead of being greeted or (in some cases,) intimidated by the burly bouncer, you simply look into a small monitor tucked neatly into a wall. A computer instantly analyzes your face, and decides whether to authorize entry – thereby sliding the door open, or reject you.

louie vega dj dragon-i hk hong kong

The Legendary Little Louie Vega!

Christmas came early for House music lovers in Hong Kong as famed D.J. and producer Little Louie Vega graced Dragon-i with his second appearance at the top club.

Joachim Garraud at Volar

Last Thursday night I received a text message from one of Hong Kong’s top clubs, Volar, informing me that Jaochim Garraud would be performing…