China D.M.C. champion D.J. Wordy!



Beijing’s D.J. Wordy is coming to town for a special Hip Hop party called Real Recognize Real on the 18th of July. The event features classic and underground Hip Hop as opposed to the commercial Hip-Pop and R&B that normally floods the clubs here.

I met D.J. Wordy in Beijing around five years ago and he was a great d.j. even back then! This is before he went on to win China’s D.M.C. championship three times! If you’re a fan of turntablism or Hip Hop before it went Pop, this might be a chance to hear an interesting set.

I stumbled across D.J. Wordy when I was researching Hip Hop in Mainland China. We hung out in a hutong with the Beijing rapper Webber, China’s reigning M.C. champion. The result of that trip morphed into a feature documentary about Hip Hop and China’s youth culture called Follow Your Heart. You can see a clip from that film online here.

The event takes place on Friday, July 18th at Club Flamingo in Lan Kwai Fong (formerly known as Club Magazine.) There is a $150 HKD entry fee that includes 1 drink.

The night also features several supporting d.j.s and m.c.s. For more information check out the organizer’s website.

Real Recognize Real
Club Flamingo
2/F Cosmos Building
8-11 Lan Kwai Fong

Here’s a throwback photo from 2005 when N.Y. turntablist Roc Raida came to China.


D.J. Wordy is in the center. To the right of him is DJ V-Nutz, the godfather of Hip Hop in China and the founder of The Lab in Shanghai.


  • Shout to for putting this up!

    Be sure to come check us out on Fri 18/7 @ Club Flamingo, which will feature Wordy as well as Rebearth on the mic.

    There’s also gonna be a special DJ set from yours truly, dedicated to one of my favourite hiphop producer, I’ma leave it at that for now though.

    Come on out, its gonna be a crazy night of bangin’ hiphop!


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