Hong Kong’s newest hotspot? Racks M.D.B.!

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Opened by several partners including an award-winning designer turned popular d.j., an MTV-Asia reality T.V. star, and a former Hong Kong bachelor of the year, the crowd at Racks is one of the most interesting you’ll find anywhere in Hong Kong.

Located on the seventh floor of M-88, a newly renovated building on 2-8 Wellington Street in Central, Racks is just around the corner from Lan Kwai Fong, one of Hong Kong’s major nightlife areas.


Though primarily a billiards club, Racks has already established itself as a party destination for Hong Kong’s nightlife elite.

Racks’ launch a few weeks ago was that rare event that brought together a diverse crowd and packed the venue with scenesters, models, d.j.s and celebrities including Donnie Yen, Soler, Chapman To, Isabella, Daniel Wu, Rosemary, and Lisa S. to name just a few.

How crowded was it?

Compare these two photos!

[photopress:RacksBeforePeopleArrive.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:RacksPacked.jpg,full,pp_image]

The event featured a live performance by 24 Herbs, a new group featuring Conroy (formerly of ALIVE,) Brian from 852 skateshop, Phat from Hardpack (formerly of LMF), Kit (also from LMF,) Ghost Style and Eddie.


Neil Aline, a top international House d.j. and resident at the revered New York club APT flew in to play the opening party.

Open every day from noon until three am, Racks has an international, casual atmosphere that makes it a real standout in Hong Kong’s somewhat formal nightlife scene. With a vibe that’s a cross between a house-party and a college bar, Racks is an ideal place to spend a night with friends.


Intended as a billiards club / lounge, it’s an interesting departure from the other nightlife choices in Central since it offers an activity, rather than just sitting or dancing. Racks has already begun to heat up as a party space due to its central location, ample seating, and sizable dance floor.


What does the M.D.B. stand for? Check out the place and ask for yourself!

Update: This is funny! Just found a video online taken at Racks. It doesn’t note that this was a special 80’s party – Damon doesn’t normally wear his New Kids On The Block t-shirt out in public!


  • The before and after shot really brightened up my day……..great use of timing.If it had been photographed when there were a few people (1st image) and then really crowded(2nd image)- the effect would have been different.


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