D.J. Premier returns to Dragon-i!



Famed New York Hip Hop producer and Gang Starr alumni D.J. Premier is coming back to Hong Kong on Wednesday, November 12th. Expect a night of quality Hip Hop with an emphasis on classic New York beats over the commercial driven sounds of today.

D.J. Premier is considered one of the best Hip Hop producers of all time and has created countless classics. Though you might not know his name, you’ve probably danced to his music!

D.J. Premier
The Centrium, 60 Wyndham Street
Central, Hong Kong
$300 cover charge


  • Hey,

    for people who are more in dance music than Hip Hop may I suggest Club PP on the 13th were Armin van Buuren (just voted No. 1 DJ of the world by the DJ Mag in the second year in a row) is giving a surely fantastic trance set. I wished I could be there.

    Actually I never heard of Club PP whilst I live in HK. Is this a new one?

  • Oh thanks for that information! I left HK in august 2007 so that club opened later. I have returned to the city twice since then but I sticked to the well known places in HK Island. I wished I could be there on the 13th but I am going to see Armin on New Years Eve in LA so that´s fine. The next time I´ll come to HK (probably early 2009) I will check the line up of Club PP maybe the offer something good.

  • Hey, does anyone know any bars that play good british rock n roll music i.e. Stones, Kinks, Beatles, Oasis, Stone Roses etc?

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