Edison Chen’s CLOT CREW in TOUCH ‘zine!

This week’s issue of EAST TOUCH magazine features a special tri-fold cover of the extended CLOT crew. The first third of the magazine, (nearly 40 pages!) is devoted to CLOT’s accomplishments over the last three years and includes a time-line of their projects.


Featured on the front panel of the cover are a diverse group of heavy-hitters from Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Shown are CLOT founder Edison Chen (center,) in addition to Hsu Chi, Cherrie Ying, Miriam Yeung, film director Andrew Lau (seated,) Anthony Wong, Eason Chan, and Josie Ho.

The second and third panels contain twenty members of the CLOT family including Sam Lee, Amanda S, DJ Tommy, M.C. Yan, Poon, Hanjin, Pavlos, Chef, Billy, Tony, Ken, Mike and a whole gang more.

To see the full tri-panel cover photo, please click here.

In addition to brief interviews with crew members, the magazine highlights CLOT’s over thirty(!) high-profile collaborations. Partners have included brands such as Nike, Levi’s, BAPE, Revolver, Neighborhood, Be@rbrick, Devilock, EA, Bandai, and celebrities such as Kanye West, and Maggie Q.

Sorry, but do you guys ever take a vacation?

To check out EAST TOUCH go here.

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