Ouch! Beach-goers beware!



Even some of Hong Kong’s most beautiful and remote beaches suffer from hazardous waste. Last year I spotted two syringes on the beach while hiking along the coastline to Tai Long Wan in Sai Kung. Just last weekend I happened upon another nasty object.

I’m not sure if this is the result of illegal dumping of medical waste offshore, or from something else, but either way, it’s enough to scare me. If you see one, there must be many more.


It’s sad to think of such remote spots, unspoiled by buildings, still being tainted by the detritus of the city.

To be specific, the beach was Sai Wan, which is on the way to Tai Long Wan from Sai Kung.

Please exercise caution!

To see more images of the beach (without scary objects,) and get directions, go here.


  • Wow, cant believe its beach season already. i always cringe whenever i see pollution eating up the city i love with all my heart. whenever i’m in HK, i live in Shatin and it’s quite a shame that the Shing Mun river looks disgusting and smells the part as well.

  • Oh! That’s where I left it…. I tend to lose track of things while i’m shooting up in the great outdoors sometimes…

  • Oh yeah, I didn’t mention the corpse on Ham Tin… I guess they get about one per year. It’s a known area for smuggling.

  • That’s pretty sad. I think I remember hiking to that beach on my 7th grade camping trip. Lol. I used to live near Coney Island in Brookyln too. The possibility of stepping on a dirty syringe was a real possibility.

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