An Evisu Bar? Coming soon!


Last week I had a quick tour of the new Evisu Bar which is nearly complete. During my visit they were putting on the finishing touches since the soft-opening will be held later this week.

For those who don’t know, Evisu is a high-end denim brand and clothing company that helped pioneer the recent wave of premium jeans. Apart from their quality, Evisu is known for their details, such as the painted designs and intricate embroidery they apply to their clothing.

The location of the Evisu Bar is a slightly hidden spot on upper Lyndhurst Terrace in Central. To get there you need to take an elevator to the second floor of what looks like an ordinary office building. As the doors open you enter the Evisu space.

Stepping into the main room, the vibe is upscale, yet without the stuffiness of many of the private clubs that have been popping up around town. Though it’s branded as the Evisu bar, they stayed away from the obvious denim motif and instead opted for a modern decor by the same designer who created the interiors for China’s Louis Vuitton stores.

As you enter the main room there’s a bar on the left with banks of cushioned seating against the walls and small tables. A central d.j. booth completes the space. The medium size of the room ensures that the emphasis will be on quality, not quantity – which is exactly what the owners had in mind.

A doorway on the far wall leads to a good-sized outdoor patio. The patio should be a big hit as the weather has just started to cool down in Hong Kong. The view is a cityscape that includes a good angle of The Center, a seventy-three story building with a rainbow of multi-colored, changing lights.


According to the general manager, the bar will feature a menu stocked with unique, premium cocktails. Many of the drinks are special recipes that required them to import the ingredients themselves!

Look for the Evisu Bar to be a popular spot among Hong Kong’s hip professionals and the international crowd who have seen it all and prefer a sophisticated spot for quality drinks.

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