Langham Place, Mongkok

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Before I actually heard about this building going up, I stumbled on it, rising up from the neon of Portland Street, in Mongkok. The stone exterior that rises over ten stories high is remarkable for anywhere in Hong Kong, let alone Mongkok, where it stands in stark contrast to the surrounding dilapidated buildings. Seldom do you see new buildings built using stone here. Most new buildings are purely metal and glass affairs. The tall, angled stone facade is monumental.

But what’s inside? A museum, a concert hall, government offices…? No, this is Hong Kong – it’s a shopping mall! Mongkok is a key shopping area located in the heart of Kowloon. You can find excellent shopping for electronics, mobile phones, sneakers, DVDs, “trendy clothing” and several famous markets like the Ladies market. The Langham Place mall offers a sanitized and more orderly version of the Mongkok shopping experience. In addition to all the standard H.K. mall fare, inside you will find small shops similar to the other complexes in the neighborhood, however, these are all well-lit, and less frantic.

Langham Place is separated from the main action in Mongkok by Nathan Road. Just walk over using an underpass, or through the MTR (subway) station and you can enter the Langham Place complex. In addition to the mall there is an office tower and hotel attached.

Several other notable features of Langham Place are: the amazingly long escalators, which must rise around ten stories; the atrium that is enormous; and the digital projections that cover the entire ceiling of the mall.

langham place shopping hk hong kong

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