Jersey Club King DJ Sliink at FLY!

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DJ Sliink is a top name in the dance genre known as Jersey Club music. Similar to Brazilian Funk, most Jersey Club songs utilize the same underlying beat and sound effects and then go on to re-work popular songs in inventive ways.

Jersey Club source material can be anything from popular R&B and Hip Hop songs, to classic House records. More often than not, the song’s remix subjects are derived from African-American artists.

In the process of creating a Jersey Club track, the vocals are typically chopped up, repositioned, and tweaked for maximum effect. What’s left of the original song – often just snippets of the hook and vocals, is just enough for clubgoers to recognize and latch on to before being taken for a ride over an enhanced instrumental. In a Jersey Club track, the drums frequently drop out and then come back in to create strong dance floor climaxes. As dance genres go, this is prime time stuff.

Some of the best Jersey Club songs are dance versions of slow R&B jams that have been taken apart and put back together again over the standard Jersey Club beat.

For a sample of what we’re talking about have a listen to this mix by Sliink and Big O on Diplo & Friends BBC show.

Catch the Jersey Club sound up close on Saturday night as DJ Sliink hits FLY armed with his arsenal of exclusive, self-produced remixes.


DJ Sliink Jersey Club King

Saturday, May 9th, 2015
24-30 Ice House Street
Central, Hong Kong

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