Hong Kong’s biggest tree-house? The aviary in Hong Kong Park!


I’ve walked past the aviary in Hong Kong Park for years without ever poking my head inside. I thought I could see it just fine from the outside, plus with the periodic threat of avian-flu I’ve never been too excited to check out the birds up close. Last week while walking around with some friends I finally had the opportunity to explore the place. Even if you’re not a bird lover, the aviary has a certain kind of Jurassic Park cool!

Walking through a curtain of dangling plastic chains, the entrance has a maximum security vibe to it. This must be used to thwart any final attempts at freedom should a bird happen to fly into the holding area. As you emerge from the entranceway you are on a walkway built out of sturdy wooden planks high above the ground.


The smartly conceived aviary lets the visitors see eye to eye with the fine-feathered inhabitants.

[photopress:Bird_tree_Hong_aviary_HK.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:bird_Hong_Kong_aviary.jpg,full,pp_image]

With many of the birds at home in the top of the tree canopy, visitors have a rare chance to see them up close in a natural setting. The aviary is built as if it were descending into a valley.

There are several perfect perches, and many of the birds were up for putting on a show.


The wooden gangway zig-zags through the trees allowing multiple viewing angles. Far below are several small streams and water sources which provide a natural habitat for water fowl.

[photopress:water_fowl_aviary_Hong_Kong.jpg,full,pp_image] [photopress:Hong_Kong_park_aviary_HK.jpg,full,pp_image]

The colors of the birds ranged from camouflaged to vibrant standouts against the foliage.


As the walk proceeds downhill, it’s a relatively fast one-shot descent. The aviary is a perfect side-attraction while exploring the rest of the man-made wonders of Hong Kong Park. Plus it’s free.

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