The Flower Market & Bird Market, Prince Edward, Kowloon

Two of my favorite places to take tourists are the Flower Market and Bird Market in Prince Edward. It’s easy to get there and interesting to check out (ha! Even my friend who is allergic to flowers had a good time!)

The Flower Market, Prince Edward

To get there, take the MTR (subway) to Prince Edward Station. (The station is on the Tsuen Wan line or ‘red’ line.) When you get off at Prince Edward stop, look for signs that list the different exits. Take Exit B1 and you will find yourself on the corner of Prince Edward Road West, and Nathan Road. Look around, you will NOT need to cross any street. Turn left when you exit onto the sidewalk and walk down Prince Edward Road West. After a few steps you will pass a police station. You will probably see people carrying flowers walking in your direction. Walk towards where they came from, further down Prince Edward Road West.

After a few short blocks you will be at the beginning of the Flower Market. Along Prince Edward Road there are dozens of shops selling flowers, but mostly accessories. If you continue down the street, it will open up to the main flower market area with flowers spilling out onto the street.

Turn up the street here to get to Flower Market Road

When you get here, turn left, up from Prince Edward Road West and walk into the main market area. You can only walk for half a block before you turn right, along the street that runs parallel to Prince Edward Road. This is Flower Market Road. Flower Market Road contains dozens of shops selling all sorts of flowers. They have flowers here that you’ve never seen before!

Flower Market Road

As you come towards the end of the road, it begins to curve back onto Prince Edward Road. You will see the following sign:

Near the end of Flower Market Road as it curves

You are now at the entrance to the Bird Market. I know they call it the “Bird Garden”, but that sounds too fancy for me! This is the place where you can buy bags of live jumbo-sized grasshoppers for your pet bird to snack on. People (mostly older men,) will bring their birds here and then hang their cage on a hook or a branch, and hang out and talk with other bird enthusiasts. It’s a scene!

Hangin’ at the bird market

Checking out the merchandise!

A high-rise display of birds


  • I tend to go there in the early afternoon, but it should be open from around 10am until around 5pm. I don’t think the day of the week matters.

  • 2012 November
    I came out here just because of this blog.
    It is still relevant.
    Very nice chirping sounds and cool shaded areas.
    Love it

  • how long does it take ro get to these gardens fron the Hong Kong airpoert? I’ve got 5 hours between flights to take in some sights of Hong Kong

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