A special place for cold-blooded friends?



I was walking along Cannon Street in Causeway Bay (known for pet stores and Vietnamese restaurants,) when I spotted a new shop. There was a small crowd gathered out front peering through the windows. What was the attraction?

If you looked closely in the first window there was a chameleon semi-camouflaged, blending in with the fake leaves in its enclosure.


In the second window there were three large lizards slithering around on the ground as a female staff member attended to them. A few medium-sized turtles were also in the mix.


No, wise-guy, this wasn’t the opening of an exotic burger joint! The shop, Reptile Corner, is a clear standout among the other pet stores in the neighborhood.

I’m not sure why, but certain people find reptiles irresistible as pets. Perhaps it has something to do with our love of dinosaurs?

It’s not just guys buying reptiles either. There seems to be equal interest from both men and women. A girl I know used to have a large lizard and would take it on outings to Repulse Bay beach! (I wouldn’t want to be the one laying there when that thing slithered up!)

There was enough action in the front window alone to keep me outside on the pavement. I didn’t go in for a closer look, so I’m not sure whether their stock also includes snakes, another reptile.

Have an idea why people like reptiles as pets? Add your thoughts in the comments!

[photopress:Snake_girl_Hong_Kong.jpg,full,pp_image] Can we all just get along?


  • Yo yo administrator.

    What R those huge allagator lookin’ ma-fukkas in the 2nd pik? Word, dose are sweet!


  • Its not a surprise that HK people are into reptiles since they don’t in essence take up too much space in the home, and for the most part don’t require a lot of attention, just dedicated owners… the only sad thing about all this is when people don’t do their research first and end up buying something like an iguana thinking it will stay small all its life, when in actual fact once mature, they can reach lengths of over 6ft+ from head to tale and decide its easier to release them in the wild then taking them to the correct facilities where they could get adopted

  • Do they sell bearded dragons? I’ve been searching for these online for a long time now.
    Does the shop have website?

  • I realize this is an old post but those ‘large lizards’ look to be Bosc Monitors (white and red/orange colour) and an Argentine Tegu (black and white). The shelled creatures at the back are not turtles, as turtles exist in an aquatic setting. Those are infact Tortoise and look to be Indian Star Tortoise.

  • Jeez! What are you a zoo-keeper or something? 😉 Thanks for providing the proper terms – at least I got the cold-blooded part right! 🙂

  • Is the shop still there? I heard that stores there usually change and i was hoping it’s still there. Just Got this link from our forums. Hehe. Nice pictures! Tortoises are so cute

  • Hi Chelsea,

    I believe the store has closed down, but I’m not 100% certain. It would be difficult for it to stay in business for that long in high-rent Causeway Bay.

    They may have moved to another location, such as Mongkok.

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