A changing Macau and the first Asia Adult Expo


If there is any doubt left that Macau is the new Las Vegas it’s quickly disappearing. I received an email last week announcing the arrival of the first Asia Adult Expo set to take place in Macau next December.

Vegas is known for this sort of exhibition, which seems to match the town’s reputation as “Sin City.” Macau is likewise an appropriate destination for this type of event. The territory has a certain notoriety as a bastion of adult entertainment. Beyond the casinos, the city’s nightlife is dominated by saunas, escorts and adult karaokes.

Yet with the recent building boom, Macau seems poised for change.

Whereas Las Vegas attempted to clean up its act and become a family destination, the changes in Macau are driven by a different motivation.

As a byproduct of increased competition among the new casinos there has been an explosion in the amount of new entertainment options available for general audiences.

In trying to differentiate themselves from the competition, the new Vegas-backed casinos have been building additional facilities to draw in crowds. The massive shopping center and arena complex inside the Macau Venetian are good examples.


With international level shopping, concerts and sporting events in town, Macau becomes a much more attractive option to couples and families.


The new offerings cater to a much wider spectrum of visitors instead of solely hardcore gamblers.

Previously Macau was a one-horse town and any other form of entertainment was secondary. It was in the interest of the casinos to maintain the status quo. Shopping and tourist experiences were limited and there were few night time activities beyond smoke filled casinos.

Though these new attractions may only be bells and whistles, and so far don’t play a major role in attracting the core spenders (gamblers from Mainland China,) they are inadvertently changing the face of Macau.

The Asia Adult Expo

The concept for the Asia Adult Expo is interesting. According to the brochure, over half of the world’s adult products are manufactured in Asia. Additionally, Asia’s massive population represents a huge market. Yet due to cultural factors and relatively conservative mores, there are limited avenues of promotion and distribution for adult products in the region. The expo is looking to alleviate this by providing business opportunities, networking, and promotion for the adult industry.

For more information check out the exhibition’s website.


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