Awfully Chocolate? Awfully Dangerous!



There’s a good reason for the bars on the front window of the new Awfully Chocolate store on Caine Road. What they keep inside is indeed a precious commodity.

Similar to high-end boutiques that offer just a few limited-edition items, Awfully Chocolate is a highly specialized dessert shop.

What they sell (three kinds of cake, plus one flavor of ice cream,) is created with perfection in mind.

Some things are better left simple, and chocolate cake is one of them. For some reason, a good old-fashioned, moist, chocolate cake, was noticeably absent in the region. It seems that people go in for more fancy stuff these days. (I’ve been mislead plenty of times. What looks like the perfect cake ends up being heavy on the cream and light on the cake.)

Much like other aspects of the city, Hong Kong is trendy when it comes to desserts. Off the top of my head: fruit desserts were a fad, then cheesecake, and more recently it was the mini-chocolate cake with the molten center, then cupcakes, and it appears now to be frozen yogurt!

But a good chocolate cake is a classic itch that occasionally needs to be scratched. Word spread fast when Awfully Chocolate’s first branch opened in Causeway Bay (just off Hysan Avenue, opposite Lee Gardens).

Originating in Singapore, Awfully Chocolate currently has branches in Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan.

The cake menu consists of: chocolate cake; chocolate banana cake; and chocolate rum and cherry cake, all available in 6″ or 8″ sizes. ‘Hei’, their chocolate ice cream, is available by the scoop or pint. Some additional seasonal items may also pop up to coincide with the holidays.

Awfully Chocolate
Causeway Bay (original store)
G/F, 2-4 Hysan Avenue (on Sun Wui Road) Shop 15
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Awfully Chocolate
Mid-Levels branch
G/F, 39 Caine Road
Central, Hong Kong


  • What’s it taste like? Desserts in HK often lack in richness bc Chinese people don’t like things that are overly sweet.

  • Absolutely out of this world. We just moved here from Singapore where people take their chocolate cake very seriously. There are at least a dozen chocolate cake specialty stores, so my friends and I did a “cake-off” and did a blind taste-test over (or instead of) dinner one evening. Awfully chocolate was the top pick among all the women tasters – not too sweet and the most cocoa. The men in our group actually preferred the one from Vicki’s, which is a bit sweeter. However, Vicki’s isn’t in Hong Kong…

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