Smoking ends, but the d.j. plays on!


the scene last Friday in the Drum N Bass room at Cliq

For years we’ve endured smokey clubs until the wee hours of the morning and the collateral damage – second hand smoke, smelly clothes, and smokey hair. But July marked the end of smoking (at least legally,) inside Hong Kong’s bars and nightclubs. On behalf of our lungs, hair and clothes – thank you!

Now the question is – will it be enforced?

It seems that people have accepted the no-smoking rule rather easily – so far. Unlike karaokes, which I don’t believe ever seriously enforced the ban, Central’s clubs seem to be complying. Even late at Volar on Friday night I witnessed a security guard walk up to a VIP table and tell a model to put out her illicit smoke – she complied.

Newer venues have been opening with the ban in mind and have found spaces with outdoor areas strategically attached.

Two immediate hassles for clubs are going to be the extra flow of people at entry and exit points and potential noise complaints due to people congregating outside the venues. But so far, so good!


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