Sponsored Video: Korean Food with K-Pop stars CNBLUE!

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Kimichi is one of the most well known dishes in Korean cuisine

All things Korean are trendy at the moment in Hong Kong. Walking along the streets you see Korean fashion brands, beauty products, and even K-Pop videos playing in stores. But perhaps the most visible sign of Korean culture’s popularity is an explosion in the number of Korean restaurants opening up around town. 

A whole area of Tsim Sha Tsui (near Kimberly Road and Austin Road,) is now dominated by nearly a dozen Korean restaurants of various types. 

On Hong Kong Island, one of the most recent additions to the city’s thriving restaurant scene is a chain direct from Korea called School Food.

The restaurant, which provides a contemporary take on Korea’s classic snacks (such as tteokbokki,) opened in Times Square shopping center and has long lines of customers waiting outside every day.
But what exactly are the ingredients that make Korean cuisine so unique?

To introduce the outside world to Korean foods’ special traits, the Korean Department of Agriculture and Trade partnered up with K-Pop group CNBLUE to create a video highlighting K-food’s distinct ingredients.

Check out the short video below. A few of the items were even new to us!

If you’re interested in trying to cook your own Korean food at home, read our recent post on Hong Kong’s Korean supermarkets!

Many of the markets stock a selection of fresh items in addition to pre-packaged seasonings imported from Korea.

For more on the K-Pop group CNBLUE, check out their Facebook page.

Preserving cultural identity

Hong Kong could learn a lesson or two from how South Korea supports their culture. As we noted recently, Hong Kong has been rapidly losing its own culinary heritage due to rising rents.

It would be great to see Hong Kong take a similar amount of care in preserving our city’s culinary traditions via social media. Perhaps creating a series of videos about H.K.’s local delicacies would be an ideal place to start!

Sponsored by the Korean Department for Agriculture and Trade


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