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H.K. DJs – the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly!

A new documentary film explores what it’s like to be a DJ in Hong Kong’s club scene. Directors Bon Pang and Kwok Leung interviewed over a dozen DJs to get a picture of their relationship with music and what drives them to spin. The movie, titled Tableturnz, will be screening this weekend, Saturday, June 16th, […]

Hong Kong Hip Hop history – in videos!

An email a few months back got me thinking about the local Hip Hop scene. To this day, people are still curious what Hong Kong Hip Hop is like. For a dense urban landscape similar to New York, you’d think that Hip Hop would be a natural fit. However, with some exceptions included below, Hong […]


P.A.E. XI? Better bring your glowsticks!

Get ready to be transported back to a time of smart drinks and smoke machines! Friday’s installment of the monthly Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy party features two d.j.s with new mixes out that are heavily influenced by the early 90’s rave sound. DJ P.O.L. Style, based in Tokyo, and DJ Drafus Chow, a relocated New Yorker […]

Hong Kong no longer a cultural backwater?

It used to be that international-level events in this town were few and far between. Years ago you would wait for months just for something to take place. And when it finally arrived, often the draw would be a famous name on the decline, not someone at the top of their game. Hong Kong just […]

Disco Step Child thrills Volar!

Saturday night was the latest installment of Disco Step Child. The monthly night that normally combines a mixture of musical treats from djs Drafus and Ben Ku, had a special guest – The Prawn from Uptown Rockers. Club Volar regulars who were still recovering from 2 Many DJs performance on Thursday night didn’t get any […]