Diesel’s latest trendsetter – born in 1918?


Diesel is known for working with young, cutting-edge artists, so why are they holding a show featuring a man now in his 90’s?

In CULTivate, a new exhibition opening on Friday, Diesel brings together artists whose work spans: illustration, fabric-art, mixed media and murals. In some ways, artist Lo Koon Chiu sticks stands out like a square peg.

The curator Young Kim (also known as Suitman,) wisely recognizes Lo Koon Chiu’s relevancy to contemporary art. In a world of constant borrowing, where vintage Pop creations are frequently sampled and remixed, Lo Koon Chiu represents a living link back to artistic ancestors.

Born in 1918, and still creating art now into his early 90’s, Lo Koon Chiu is a pioneer of Hong Kong’s vibrant comic book industry. Working for over five decades, his illustrations have dealt with history, current events and moral tales.

Lo Koon Chiu’s aesthetic sense represents an entirely different era. His art is from a generation whose authenticity is often referenced by today’s artists.

Watch the brief interview below to hear him speak about his career. It’s interesting to note that player-hate existed even back in his day!

The other artists in CULTivate hail mostly from around the region. The full list includes: Lo Koon-Chiu, Suitman, Black Panda, Hitotzuki, Bomin Kim, CTRL Shift, Lady Aiko, Anton Lopez, and Gwen Yip.

Several of the projects reflect collaborations between multiple artists, including: Hitotzuki (Kami + Sasu,) Black Panda (Jennifer Lew and Victor-John Villanueva,) and CTRL Shift (a group from the University of Hong Kong). Previewing the artist’s work on the Internet, it promises to be an exciting, diverse show.

Diesel CULTivate

September 18th to October 11th, 2009
Diesel Planet Store
G/F, 20 Queens Road, Central
Hong Kong

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