DJ Shortkut in Hong Kong!



Do the names Beat Junkies, Triple Threat DJs, or The Invisibl Skratch Piklz mean anything to you? Saturday, November 13th, San Francisco-based DJ Shortkut, will be making an appearance in Hong Kong.

Famous for his turntable skills and versatile sets, Shortkut is one of the Bay Area innovators (along with Qbert and Apollo,) that turned turntablism on its head and put the spotlight on the West Coast d.j. scene.

Shortkut is currently on his Asia tour and you can read about some of his recent exploits here.

Philia Lounge is a fun spot to catch an intimate d.j. performance. Expect heads bobbing and a 90’s Hip Hop (and Dancehall) vibe, with people whose favorite music lies beyond the mainstream.

DJ Shortkut
Saturday, November 13th, 2010
Supported by DJs K-Melo, Brown Sugar, and Jumbo
Philia Lounge
4 Arbuthnot Road (the street above Dragon-i)
Central, Hong Kong

$150 includes one drink!

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