Laughing With a Mouth Full Of Blood


Hong Kong has few artists who can make a dent on the international art scene, and Simon Birch is one of them! With a busy 2010 that had him producing the ambitious Hope & Glory exhibition, followed by a group show in Japan, Simon’s back, opening a new exhibit on May 20th, titled “Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood.”

Simon has a strong knack for showmanship, and his exhibitions frequently include inventive surprises. From skateboard ramps and Siamese fighting fish, to live costumed monsters, there’s always something new at play.

The show is being held inside the (slightly creepy,) Museum of Medical Sciences, a rare old brick building tucked away in the Mid Levels / Sheung Wan area, just below the western end of Caine Road.

For a sneak preview of several works from the show, check out the Facebook gallery here.

Highly recommended!

Simon Birch – Laughing With A Mouth Full Of Blood
Opens May 20th, 2011
Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences
2 Caine Lane
Mid Levels, Hong Kong

(Take a taxi to the western end of Caine Road, and walk down the staircase to the museum.)

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